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OCEAN Science Profile
The Ocean Science provides innovative engineering geophysical, oceanographic and environmental survey services to the offshore oil and gas, submarine telecommunication and power cable and submarine pipeline industries, including state-of-the-art swath mapping capability to full ocean depth and a marine geotechnical capability to 3000m water depth.
Ocean Science offers our customers a considerable range of experience and capability, with the flexibility of a network of associate companies' offices throughout Australia, Asia, Europe and America. Ocean Science's capabilities and geographic reach is further enhanced through alliance agreements with specialist firms which can provide project input not only with their respective expertise, but also enhanced logistic support in their home countries.
Ocean Science offers services that are carefully constructed to ensure that all technical and scientific requirements are categorically met within a cost-effective framework. The Ocean Science approach is one of comprehensive processes and systems that integrate its experience, expertise and comprehensive commitment to quality and safety for the benefit of its clients.
The competitive advantage that Ocean Science delivers is built upon its highly integrated, multidisciplinary professional team; which is experienced and expert in safely performing marine surveys.
Ocean Science offers full offshore rig site survey, pipeline and cable route planning, engineering and construction support capability including:
  • Feasibility studies and provisional route planning and selection
  • Pre-survey- pipeline and cable route feasibility/desktop studies and route engineering
  • Design of route survey specifications and procedures
  • Route survey and burial assessment
  • Final route engineering
  • Installation and construction survey support
  • Site and hazard surveys including high resolution seismic surveys
  • Short or long term MetOcean measurement and data analysis
  • Operational oceanography
Ocean Science objectives:
  • To provide a high quality integrated approach to the pipeline and/or cable route planning and engineering effort
  • To provide customers with cost-effective innovative solutions using leading edge technology
  • To provide a consistent high quality output thus giving customers confidence in risk management
  • To provide reduced planning and engineering lead times through the efficiency of integrating skills
  • To provide enhanced post-construction security for offshore structures, pipelines and cables through dedicated quality procedures and policies
Ocean Science advantages include:
  • Focused one-stop shop solutions to offshore project planning, survey and engineering
  • Enhanced communications and responsiveness to customers
  • Competitive total solutions
  • Proactive R&D environment in which to develop improvements in technology
  • To provide enhanced post-construction security for offshore structures, pipelines and cables through dedicated quality procedures and policies
Ocean Science provides a fully integrated approach by bringing together the interdisciplinary skills of:
  • Pipeline and cable engineers
  • Permitting specialists
  • Surveyors
  • Geoscientists
  • Installers
  • Pipeline and cable owners and enabling input from each discipline to be considered collectively in the route planning process