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About Us
Our Vision and Mission
  • To be a leading organization in providing high quality and reliable solutions, at reasonable cost, satisfying our client's requirement
  • Be the leading marine survey services provider through the innovative application of technology and operational excellence to create maximum value for our client
Our Plan
  • Experienced Professionals
  • Best range of equipment and systems
  • Quality Business Execution
  • FOCUS on the Quality Assurance of services
  • Understanding client and site demands
  • Optimising planning & program
  • Minimum delays
  • Reduced risk
  • On time and SAFE delivery of quality data
  • Continuous investment for the Future Growth
Ocean Science has gained a reputation for professional excellence in the geophysics and survey sectors, by providing imaginative solutions to challenges. Being proactive, Ocean Science makes sure that the service it provides is always tailored to satisfying its client's needs, which may explain why its onboard near real-time reports are being hailed as setting new standards and the benchmark in its field.Ocean Science employs about 50 professionals including Charge Hydrographic Surveyors, Hydrographic Surveyors, Geophysicists, Oceanographers, Survey Engineers, CAD Processors, administrative officers and support staff.
Ocean Science is an equal opportunity employer that is proactive in employing a diverse spectrum of people not only from many professions but also from different cultures. Ocean Science also has active research and development facilities for developing unique survey systems and software, an invaluable resource that continually upgrades its people's capability and assures its bright future. However, what really distinguishes Ocean Science is the caliber of its people.
Ocean Science staff brings in over 250 man years of experience and comprise highly qualified and experienced professionals in the fields of Hydrography, Geophysics, Oceanography and Engineering aspects of Offshore Surveying.
Ocean Science has an extensive asset portfolio, which includes a comprehensive range of modern well maintained survey equipment including DGPS positioning systems, single and multi-beam echo sounders, sub-bottom profilers, side scan sonars, magnetometers, sector scan sonars etc. Ocean Science has an active R&D effort that has produced a number of proprietary survey systems and software including the industry-wide accepted C-View fully integrated Seabed Data Management System, all developed under rigorous ISO 9000 procedures. Of interest to the offshore industry has been the deployment of analytical procedures within C-View to characterize seabed sediments which is used exclusively by us. Ocean Science has executed numerous Oil & Gas submarine pipeline, telecommunications and power cable route planning and survey projects, Port and Harbour projects and Infrastructure Development projects throughout the world.